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          Amira Haddad is a contemporary fine artist who received her B.A. degree in Studio Art from CSU Channel Islands in 2014. During the first earlier years, she spent her childhood living in Amman, Jordan until she relocated to Los Angeles in 2004. Her exposure to cultural diversity grounded a genuine passion to create as well as formulate her subject matter of finding personal balance from inevitable transitions.

          As a fine artist who predominantly works with the mediums of oil paint and ink, her current work of "The Equanimity Collection" translates her theme of ballet dancers composed gracefully while in significant nearness to the wild yet peaceful nature of elephants. In addition, her black and white cropped paintings of "The Noir Collection" are delicate blends of eloquent strength within ballerinas. With similairties to the styles of Claude Monet and John Singer Sargent, Amira's artwork is characterized by the loose gestural strokes and rich layers of paint and ink.

          While creating in the studio, she is continuing her graduate studies in Modern Art History. Her artwork is privately collected and has been exhibited in art galleries throughout Southern California as well as featured on the Instagram site of the iconic

One World Observatory.

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